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FREE 5 day challenge

Discover the 3 core elements to uncovering your purpose

12th - 16th November

7:00-8:00PM AEST

Online via Zoom / Private FB group


What is this challenge all about? 

Are you searching for more meaning, fulfilment and joy in life?

Have you always had a longing to discover your unique purpose?


Have you always felt like you're here for more but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

If you answered yes to all of the above AND you are ready to begin exploring what it is you are truly here for, then the PATH TO PURPOSE 5 DAY CHALLENGE is for YOU!

See you are feeling all of these things because deep inside of you there's a knowing that you are here for something different. But up until now you’ve probably been stuck playing small, living a status quo life that you think you should vs the one that you dream of creating.


Because of all this, you’ve likely wound up:


📌 In a soul sucking career path that lacks any joy and meaning

📌 Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled or frustrated by life

📌 Stressed, anxious, depressed or burnt out

📌 Never feeling at peace or content, always trying to fill that void inside


But you see all of these are just symptoms of living a life that is out of alignment with who you truly are.


But if you are someone who has felt that niggle or void inside that has you questioning ‘Is this it’, then it’s because you aren’t meant to live within the constraints you exist in now, you are here for more, much more.

And it's time to begin finding out what that is!

In the PATH TO PURPOSE 5 DAY CHALLENGE we will begin exploring this by: 


✅ Gain more clarity on the journey you need to take to find your purpose

✅ Understand in more depth the 3 core elements needed to uncover your purpose

✅ Clarity on your next step on your own path to purpose


The content within this challenge is taken directly from my 3 month immersive program, Path to Purpose. This challenge is designed to give you exposure to the structure and content so you can decide if this program and working with me is the right fit for you.


Equally this challenge is open to those who haven’t considered the program but are just curious about their purpose and open to exploring this in more depth.

By joining this challenge, you agree to the following:


💥 PLAY FULL OUT and do any daily assignments that are designed to move you forward (takes just 5mins)

💥 Join the zoom sessions live and participate or watch the replays within 24 hours.


If you cannot agree to the above, I'd ask you to please not join this challenge.

Who This Challenge Is For


Those who have always had a yearning or knowing that they are here for a reason, they’ve been trying to find out what it is but still haven’t been able to find anything that fills the void

Those who are 100% dedicated to this process and to stepping into their purpose, they will give it their all as there is no turning back

Those who are on the awakening journey who continue to find themselves asking the existential questions, of what am I here for, what is this all about etc. 

Those who know they are here for much much more and they are ready to stop hiding and holding themselves back from their truth


Those who are just looking for some career guidance and support to find a new career avenue. 

Those who are not ready or willing to face their challenges, they are just wanting to find more purpose in their career without doing any healing work

Those who are looking for a quick fix or a shortcut, something that doesn't take much effort.

What exactly will you learn?

Over the 5 day challenge there will be a mixture of live group zoom calls, homework tasking, a 1:1 Discovery call with Victoria and a private FB community with other likeminded souls doing the challenge. 



Each person has a unique higher purpose encoded within them. It is much bigger than any dream job or career, it is your most authentic expression and unique journey that only you are here to experience. We will explore what this actually means, and deep dive into the 3 core elements of higher purpose. This discovery will combine wisdom and insight from Gene Keys, i-Ching and Ikigai to share a broad perspective for contemplation. 

Image by Ashley Batz


We all have shadows! These are the challenges or trials we face in life, but often we get taught to avoid these parts of us. But our shadows hold gifts, and through being able to face these shadows and healing them this insight begins to emerge. In this call we will explore what that journey looks like and how we can embrace these parts of us rather than hide from them. 



Each of us has a unique set of gifts that we are here to share with this world. For most of us these gifts have been hidden or muted in childhood so that we can fit into the status quo path and meet societal expectations. In this call we will be taking a journey back to childhood using guided hypnotherapy and meditation to reconnect with these parts of us, the parts of us we've forgotten.  

Melissa Arandez

"Before the challenge I was feeling uncertain on what my next steps where. Feeling a bit overwhelmed really. And now I am feeling much more clarity & there was many times I was amazed at how much knowledge Victoria has. She is so kind & supportive, helping you every step of the way. I would recommend this challenge for anyone who is needing more clarity on their purpose & she offered lots of advice. This training was terrific & I gained a lot of useful information."

What others have to say

Renee Jenkins

"Victoria brings her unique insights and wisdom to help gain clarity on what finding your purpose is and the steps to take to move towards that. Victoria really breaks down those barriers allowing you to delve deep into your own knowing and highlighting what’s been sitting there waiting for you to discover all along. I would recommend this challenge for anyone who has that inner knowing that they are meant for more, that they have a bigger purpose here and are meant to experience a happy and fulfilled life."

Kaylay Caramelle

I wanted to give a shout out to Victoria. I just finished her 5 day challenge on finding purpose and it is a great way to redefine purpose in your life and an awesome starting point for re-evaluating life goals. During the 5 days, it was a reminder for me of some personal tasks I need to start on and complete! I would recommend this challenge for anyone who is searching for a deeper level of fullfillment in their life.
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What are the details?

Day 1

Live 60min zoom session

Day 2

Live 60min zoom session

Day 3

Live 60min zoom session

Day 4

1-1 sessions with Victoria

Day 5+

1-1 sessions with Victoria


Meet your Coach 

Hi I'm Victoria, I’m a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT®), Coach and Energy Healing Practitioner. 

I am a firm believer that we all have a unique purpose encoded within us. Through our experiences, our trials and tribulations we begin to evolve and start asking ourselves who we truly are and what we are here for. 

It is my mission to be able to unite and align as many people as possible with their true purpose. This is the expression that brings someone the most joy, fulfilment and freedom. It is your unique experience and mission here.  

Path to Purpose is a culmination of my own journey to finding my path, combined with the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy, Neuro linguistic programing (NLP), Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural techniques, action based coaching, breathwork and energetic/somatic healing. 

If you have read this far then I trust that this is the beginning of us getting to know one another, and I truly look forward to supporting you on this Path to Purpose. 

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