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The first step to creating real and lasting change

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

When it comes to making a change, most of us are able to make changes in the short-term, but as time goes on, we will often start reverting back to our old ways.

When it comes to making a change, the majority of focus these days is on fixing the behaviour or symptom itself. Whilst this works well in the short-term, as time goes on people often start reverting back to their old ways. The weight loss industry is a perfect example of this, almost exclusively the focus here is on your diet and exercise. By changing your diet and exercise you can get to your ideal weight. And people often do get to their ideal weight, but very few of them manage to stay there. In fact, they estimate that more than 80% will return to their pre diet and exercise weight.

Why does this happen?

Because trying to create change by focusing just on the behaviour or symptom in isolation is like cutting weeds off from their stem and expecting them to never grow back again. In order to make any real or lasting change, you must become aware of the root cause of what is driving that behaviour or symptom in the first place. To identify where the root cause is formed, we need to understand how we form beliefs, thoughts and behaviours.

'95% of fixing a problem is becoming aware of the root cause of it' – Marissa Peer

We each carry around three layers of self: our true self, our conditioned self and our external self.

Our true self is our inner essence, our nature that is unique to us. It is what we would be if you were to strip away all of our environment and the nurture we received.

Our conditioned self is the nurture that we receive from our environment, which then forms our core internal belief structure. Our true self will determine how we interpret the environment and what beliefs we take in. The majority of our conditioned self is developed between the ages of 0 to 7. At these ages our conscious mind is still forming, which means we are very susceptible our environment. There are a lot of positives to the conditioning we receive as a child which we can’t go without, such as learning how to keep ourselves safe, how to express emotions, how to connect, how to love, what is appropriate behaviour vs harmful, the list goes on. But the conditioning that brings us harm is anything that causes us to reject who we are because we’ve been conditioned to believe that there is something wrong with us, we are not enough, we are not worthy, or we don’t belong because we are different.

We then have our external self, which is what we portray to the world. It is our values, external beliefs, personality traits, labels, how we behave, what we like and dislike etc. This has been formed based on a combination of our true and conditioned self. It is the level of self we are consciously aware of; therefore, the majority of our energy is focused here when we want to make a change.

Why is this important to know?

Because whether we are aware of it or not, the internal belief structure that we form as part of our conditioned self is in control of our external self. If your internal beliefs are positive and aligned with your true self, then you will be living an uncompromised life. For most of us however, we have picked up negative beliefs about ourselves through our childhood or trauma. It is these negative beliefs which are the root cause of us self-sabotaging any positive changes that we try to make.

Once an idea has been accepted by the subconscious mind, it will stay there until its replaced.’ – Marissa Peer

No matter what we try, if we don’t tackle the problem from the root cause we are destined to repeat the same patterns. Because once a belief has been formed and accepted by our subconscious mind, it will stay there until it is replaced. No amount of conscious effort to change your behaviour will work in the long run unless you also change the belief that drives it at its core.

95% of our thinking is unconscious to us.

This also applies to changing our thinking. Whilst changing our thinking is absolutely crucial, it cannot be done in isolation if you want to create lasting change. This is because 95% of our thinking isn’t even conscious to us. You can spend all of your energy telling yourself that you can do this, but if your subconscious is still holding a belief that you can’t then this will override your efforts in the long run. This is because your mind cannot hold contradictory beliefs.

How can you uncover the root cause?

That is exactly what Rapid Transformational Therapy® is designed to do! Rapid Transformational Therapy® is a hybrid therapy combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapies designed to take you directly to the root cause. It does this by going straight to your subconscious mind to unlock and uncover exactly how, why, where and when you acquired the limiting beliefs that are affecting your behaviour and thinking.

RTT® will support you with gaining profound clarity around these beliefs and programming, empowering you to heal and release anything that is no longer serving you and reprogram your beliefs so that you can transform your life and create lasting change in any area of your life.

Book your free discovery call to find out more.

Written by Victoria Stephens


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