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Unlocking Your Potential: The Power of Rapid Transformational Therapy®

As a certified practitioner of Rapid Transformational Therapy®, I've had the privilege of witnessing countless individuals, including myself, embark on transformative journeys towards unlocking their true potential.  

In this article, I'll guide you through the incredible world of RTT® to equip you with everything you need to see if RTT® is right for you.

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy®?

RTT® is a hybrid therapy technique developed by Marissa Peer, an award-winning Therapist. RTT® combines the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Neuro-rewiring & Cognitive Behavioural Therapies to take you directly to the heart of your challenges for deep and holistic resolution.

The central foundation of RTT® is the awareness that our challenges and limitations all stem from our subconscious beliefs, which are often formed during childhood. So our lives are in essence a product of our past beliefs and programming, which shape the way we think, behave and feel.

RTT® works on the subconscious mind layer using hypnotherapy to uncover the root cause of these subconscious beliefs that have affected the way you think, behave and feel for years or even decades. Within an RTT® session you will gain profound clarity around these beliefs and move through a process of healing, releasing and reframing anything that is no longer serving you.

What Can RTT® Be Used For?

RTT® is a versatile approach with an exceptionally high success rate for clients experiencing the following: 

·       Self-esteem and Confidence Building

·       Anxiety and Stress Reduction

·       Breaking Addictions (smoking, overeating, drinking etc)

·       Overcoming Trauma

·       Achieving peak performance

·       Depression

·       Improving Relationships


Is RTT® right for me?

While RTT® is highly effective for many, it’s not suitable for everyone. For RTT® to work you need to be open to hypnotherapy. There is a general misconception that hypnotherapy is a form of mind control, which can make some people resistant, and this does interfere with the efficacy of the sessions. RTT® is also not a recommended solution for those with psychosis disorders or epilepsy.

One of the most significant advantages of RTT® is the speed at which it can deliver results vs traditional therapy. Whilst traditional therapy can take months or even years, RTT® often produces noticeable improvements in just a few sessions. Due to this, RTT® is really designed for those who are ready to dive deep into their challenges and are prepared to face potentially painful or heavy memories for more rapid healing. 


Generally, RTT® is delivered as a package vs standalone sessions because this elicits the most powerful results. For a 1-month package it is $620 and for a 3 month package it is $1,300.

Client Success Stories

The efficacy of RTT® is supported by a growing body of scientific research, but the most compelling aspect is the real-life success stories. I've witnessed myself and clients break free from procrastination, self-doubt, career blocks, relationship blocks, money blocks, binge eating, smoking, drinking and anxiety to achieve personal and professional success they once thought wasn’t possible. Here's just a few of the success stories:

·       “The Rapid Transformation Technique session I had with Victoria was nothing short of life changing. After an hour or so, I felt like a different person. The penny dropped when I discovered the root cause of my procrastination and subsequent behaviours, it now made perfect sense. I was now able to process my feelings and emotions in a way I never had before. It allowed me to see things from a different perspective and gain the confidence that the journey forward is going to be empowering.” - David

·     "I have been struggling on and off with Imposter syndrome, overwhelm, self-doubt, stress, and procrastination over the past three decades. And despite my own levels of awareness & my own proactive journey, I still couldn't conquer the "negative self-talk". After committing to some RTT sessions, I was surprised at how quickly Victoria was able to hone in, uncover and heighten my awareness of specific life events that have been the catalyst for driving my behaviours over the years. On reflection I can honestly say that I have achieved more in the three weeks of RTT coaching I had with Victoria, than I have experienced over the past 12 months." - Anna

·     "For the past four years I have had several doctors mention I might have anxiety. I tried everything, but nothing was working. What amazed me the most about my sessions with Victoria was that she didn’t just try to find a solution to what I had identified as the problem, but instead, she helped me to uncover meaning from past experiences, understand how they have impacted me today, and reframe them to help shape my future. This experience was unlike any other. I have been looking for a solution for years, and in a matter of months I have seen significant improvement, as well as improving my overall mental clarity." - Emma


Resources and Further Reading

If you're interested in exploring RTT® further, here are some resources to consider:

  • "I Am Enough: Mark Your Mirror and Change Your Life" by Marisa Peer

  • “Tell Yourself a Better Lie’ by Marissa Peer

  • The Rapid Transformational Therapy Institute (


Rapid Transformational Therapy® is truly a remarkable approach that has the power to unlock your potential and bring about profound change in your life, it certainly has for me and my clients. So whether you’re struggling with self-esteem, anxiety, addictions, or other challenges, I would urge you to consider exploring RTT®.


About the author

Victoria is a Rapid Transformational Therapist®, Mindset Coach & Energetic Healing practitioner. Her mission is to support others on their journey to rediscovering their true self, unearthing their full potential and finding true fulfilment and purpose.

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