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Meet Victoria

It is my passion to support others to find their own joy, passion and ultimate freedom to be fully themselves. Because beyond the limitations that keep us stuck living a life we should, lies a whole new world of freedom and possibilities. I look forward to helping you discover this!  


Rapid Transformational Therapist®
& Coach


Hi I’m Victoria and I’m thrilled that you’re here. 

Through my transformational programs, which combine the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy, Neuro linguistic programing (NLP), Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural techniques, action based coaching and energetic healing, I help people like you get to the root of your biggest challenges so you can finally be free of them.  

And if you’re reading this wondering… is that all really possible? 

Well I believe a resounding YES! And I say that because I have not only transformed my own life, but have seen such profound changes in my clients.

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Here's my Story

At 26 years old, only a few years into my corporate career, was the first moment it hit me. As I looked around at the life I had created I started to question, there’s got to be more to life

than this, or is this really it? On the outside everything appeared to be in order, I was ambitious, driven and achieving everything that I should be doing to be considered successful at life, yet on the inside I felt lost, stressed, detached and numb.    

Shortly after this realisation I did what any 26-year-old would do, I quit my job and went travelling in a quest to experience more of life and find out what it was that I did desire. This is where my self-development journey began, starting with reading every personal development book I came across, to attending silent meditation retreats and yoga communities. Whilst I felt alive, present and loving life, I still didn’t know what it was that I desired, I still hadn’t figured out what life is really all about and what will fill that void. 

So after a few years of travelling and no further clarity on what I wanted, I ended up going back into the corporate world, back to the same life I was living before, only this time in a different country. I found myself living the same life and again feeling unfulfilled, burnt out and anxious. I knew I wasn’t living in alignment with my truth, but I felt so overwhelmed and stuck not knowing which way to go, riddled with self-doubt and continuing to self-sabotage myself. I continued for years to oscillate between taking actions to find a new path, to then filling my life with so many distractions in an unconscious attempt to ignore this niggle.


It wasn’t until years later when the pandemic hit, where I could no longer distract or avoid myself, that my transformational healing journey began. Up until this point, I had only been scratching the surface of healing, with a lot of my efforts to change things focused externally rather than internally. Through a combination of coaching, RTT® sessions, energy healing, meditation, breathwork, reading, journaling and other modalities, I began working internally with the layers of limitation and conditioning that I discovered were the root cause for why I continued to stay stuck living a life I ‘should’ vs the life I desired to live.

By healing and releasing these layers I began to rediscover and align with my true self, learning how to trust my inner guidance and tune into what my heart desired. It wasn’t until I had taken this pause to go within that I finally understood how to feel fulfilled and pursue the life I desired. I was able to clearly see all of the ways I had been limiting myself, all of the underlying beliefs that I am not enough and all of the fears around rejection, judgement and failing that were keeping me living a bounded life.

After almost a decade of searching, my mission finally became clear to me. But it was about much more than just finding a new career path, it was about rediscovering who I truly was and the unique journey I came to experience. And this is how I began Victoria May, because I knew that my mission was to support others to find their own joy, passion and ultimate freedom to be fully themselves.

To do this I am bringing together the most powerful modalities I experienced so that I can offer clients what I wish I had available when I began my journey. It brings me so much joy and fulfillment knowing I am supporting others to release their limitations and find their own unique expression. Because beyond these limitations lies a whole new world of freedom and possibilities. 

And that’s exactly what we’ll explore in our discovery session together.

What others are sharing

"For the past four years I have had several doctors mention I might have anxiety. I really didn’t want to take any medication for what seemed to be something that wasn’t life altering, but without addressing it I started to develop physical symptoms. I tried everything, but nothing was working. 

What amazed me the most about my sessions with Victoria was that she didn’t just try to find a solution to what I had identified as the problem, but instead, she helped me peel back the layers and understand the root cause for how I was feeling. She created an extremely calming environment helping me to uncover meaning from past experiences, understand how they have impacted me today, and reframe them to help shape my future.

This experience was unlike any other. I’m still working through some things, but the overall improvement has been incredible. I have been looking for a solution for years, and in a matter of months I have seen significant improvement, as well as improving my overall mental clarity."

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