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Within each of us we hold the keys to a unique genetic soul blueprint!

Our work here is simply to unlock what this is, from the inside out!

This blueprint defines the journey we have come here to experience, including the challenges and wounds we will move through, the innate gifts we have to share and ultimately what our purpose is here.

And when it comes to our purpose, it isn’t just about our life’s work, this is really just one aspect of it. It is about our unique expression and what will bring us fulfilment, expansion and joy in this life as we move through our journey.

Our work in this lifetime is to unravel this blueprint from within. And without us realising it, we are always doing this work. Because all experiences and people that we draw into our life are here to support us on that journey, which can often be riddled with challenges, but there is a purpose to this of course.  

The Soul Purpose Readings are about understanding the true potential that lies within your highest self, whilst also shining a light on the lower self-patterns that keep you from stepping into your highest potential.


In these 90-minute Soul Purpose readings you will get:


  • An in-depth understanding of the biggest challenges and wounds your soul is here to work through and how to manage and work through these

  • A look into any blocks that get in the way of your own health and fulfilment

  • Your innate gifts that you have within, some of these gifts are to be shared whilst others are to be experienced

  • Your unique energy blueprint which will determine how you are here to show up and express yourself and your gifts

  • How you need to go about life and this journey in order to feel true fulfilment within

You will receive a recording of the session along with notes in an email on the key insights and recommended steps forward on your journey.  

All these insight and learnings for just $144 AUD!


I combine my own intuitive guidance with the wisdom of your Gene Keys profile, which is based on your astrological data (A time of birth will be needed).

What is Gene Keys? 

Gene Keys is a system of personal and spiritual development created by Richard Rudd. It combines elements of astrology, the I Ching (Ancient Chinese divination on the 64 strands of DNA), and the Human Design System to provide a framework for understanding and exploring our highest purpose.

There is no requirement to be familiar with Gene Keys at all for this reading. These readings are designed to give overall guidance that is relevant for anyone.


And for those interested in diving in to the world of Gene Keys, I will share how you can do that.

Please also note – These readings are not about predicting the future, I will not be offering any specific events that might occur or able to answer questions around relationships or similar happenings. These readings are designed to focus on your journey to uncovering your purpose.


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All these insight and learnings for just $144 AUD!


I have always been gifted with the ability to read people to the deepest layers.


This has been something I’ve done since a young child. I actually used to get told off for it, because without explanation I would just shut off or refuse to go near certain people. And to the human eye there was nothing to see, except it was all there to see in their energy.


But the reason I was like this was because I was reading people before they even spoke. I also was highly empathic and being around certain people was incredibly intense for me.


But explaining this to others felt impossible, I barely understood it myself at the time. So I went a very long time thinking there was something wrong with me, that I was being judgemental. 


But the moment I read my own Gene Keys I realised exactly why this was happening!


Because underneath this behaviour lied two of the greatest gifts I have to share in this lifetime – The gift of Sensitivity and the gift of seeing others.


Through my gift of sensitivity, which is not only to people but also to environments, I am able to pick up on the energy layer of another person. I can literally feel their energy field within my own body.

And through my gift of seeing others, I am able to see not only their shadow aspects and patterns but also their greatest potential and the future that could lie ahead of them.


Naturally these gifts have drawn me to work in the world of healing, and more specifically helping women to find their true essence and create a life they love.


Through this work I began to draw on Gene Keys with my clients and it was uncanny, because we would be discussing or moving through a shadow, I would then pick up the book and open it to one of their keys and that exact shadow was in writing. This happened again and again and again, to which point I decided to dive deeper into this.

I now incorporate Gene Keys into my client work and felt drawn to offer a specific offering to open this wisdom up to more people through these readings. 

This wisdom has been life changing for me, and it will be for you too!

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