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Ready to make 2024 the year you step into your purpose?


A 3 month inner transformational journey

Designed to bring those awakening to a deeper calling back into connection with their true self in order to uncover the career path that will bring them true alignment, fulfilment and purpose. 

We kick off on 5th February 2024!

Are you searching for more meaning, fulfilment and joy in life?

Have you always had a longing to discover your unique purpose?


Do you find yourself constantly wondering if there’s more to life, like you can’t shake the feeling that something is just missing?  


Have you always felt like you're here for more but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

See you are feeling all of these things because deep inside of you there is a knowing that you are here for more.

But you’re stuck playing small, living a status quo life that you think you should vs the one that you dream of creating.

You’re stuck because of fear, because you doubt yourself, and mostly because you worry about what others will think.

You hold false beliefs about yourself that you aren't good enough, you can't do it, you don't deserve it and the life you desire isn't available.

Because of all this, you’ve wound up:

  • Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, dissatisfied or frustrated by life

  • Stressed, anxious, depressed or burnt out

  • Taking a soul sucking career path that lacks any joy and meaning

  • Struggling to find your tribe or place in life

  • Adopting unhealthy habits to distract or cope - food, drink, drugs, smoking etc

  • Never feeling at peace or content, always trying to fill that void inside

But you see all of these are just symptoms of living a life that is out of alignment with who you truly are. Instead of living the life you were meant to create, you’re trying to live a life that you have been conditioned to believe you should, a life that is sold as the picture of what success and achievement should look like.

You probably have always felt like you're a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, wondering why you aren’t able to feel content with this in the same way others are. Perhaps you’ve felt a little bit dysfunctional in a world where others seem to fit.

But the reason you don’t fit is because you were never meant to, and deep down you already know this.

See the truth is that all of this fear, doubt and feeling like you don’t belong or aren’t good enough, this is all just conditioned behaviour we learn from our family, culture and society. All it is designed to do is to keep us living within the constraints of what is known.

But if you are someone who has felt that niggle or void inside that has you questioning ‘Is this it’, then it’s because you aren’t meant to live within the systems as they exist now, you are here for more, much more.

And the brilliant thing about all of this is, if all of the constraints - the fear, doubt, feeling like you don’t belong or you aren’t good enough - is learned behaviour, then we can unlearn it too.

And that is exactly what Path to Purpose is designed to do!

In this 3-month immersive journey, we will work together to peel back layers of conditioning, trauma and limitations that have been keeping you trapped playing small so that you can rediscover your true essence, unearth your full potential and begin creating a life that aligns with your highest purpose.

Each person has a unique highest purpose which is encoded in you. Your purpose or reason is much bigger than any dream job or career, it is your most authentic expression and unique journey that only you are here to experience.

Imagine having.....

  • More clarity on your unique purpose and the journey you need to take to unlock it

  • Greater self-love, acceptance and connection to your true self

  • More joy, peace and fulfilment as you embody more of your true essence

  • Upleveling of consciousness and self-awareness

Path to Purpose combines the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Neuroplasticity, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, Mindset Coaching, Breathwork and Energetic Healing. It also borrows from the wisdom and insights of the Gene Keys journey to higher purpose, the I-Ching and Ikigai principles.

It is designed to take you directly to the depths of your biggest lessons to bring awareness and release so you can reconnect with your true essence. Because it’s only when we start moving through our lessons, connect more to our true essence and begin to realize our unique gifts that we will uncover what we are here to create. 


The program modules are structured to take you on this journey by:

  • Exploring the layers of self and the shadow patterns or lessons you are here to move through in order to grow and evolve

  • Releasing, reframing and embracing of core shadow patterns or lessons through the body, mind and soul

  • Creating stronger self-love, acceptance and connection to the heart

  • Rediscovering your true essence and learning how to embody more of this in your everyday life for greater joy

  • Uncovering your unique gifts and the possibilities you have to bring these forth into your life’s work to serve humanity

  • Setting the vision for how you want your future to unfold as you step into the Path of Purpose 

Path to Purpose is about doing the deep work together, but ultimately the work doesn’t stop there.

As you probably already know, once you begin the journey of healing and self-discovery, there is no ceiling on how far you can go, but equally there will be ups and downs as no journey is linear. When you release a layer of shadow then the next layer will appear, so this is not a journey for everyone, only those souls who are called to it.

A key focus of this program is on equipping and empowering you with the awareness, tools and strategies to continue your journey towards stepping into your freedom, purpose and truth. These tools will stay with you for life.

The 3-month program includes:

  • Onboarding and offboarding sessions 

  • 2 X RTT®️ sessions ​

  • 2 X Personalised mind re-wiring tapes

  • 8 x Coaching sessions

  • A recording of all sessions with lifetime access

  • Additional recorded meditations, hypnosis, energy work etc

  • 1 x workbook and journal

  • Unlimited support via Whatsapp /email, including lazer sessions (10-15 mins quick calls)

The program will be run online with sessions delivered via zoom. Each week there will be a session (either a 1hr coaching or 2hr RTT session) + reflection exercises and activities to move through. You will need to allocate approx. 30 mins per day for these + the weekly calls in order to get the best from this program.

Who This Is For


Those who have always had a yearning or knowing that they are here for a reason, they’ve been trying to find out what it is but still haven’t been able to find anything that fills the void

Those who understand that part of this work involves facing deep shadows and unlearning ways they’ve been existing in for a long time, but they are ready and prepared to face this

Those who are 100% dedicated to this process and to stepping into their purpose, they will give it their all as there is no turning back

Those who are on the awakening journey who continue to find themselves asking the existential questions, of what am I here for, what is this all about etc. 

Those who know they are here for much much more and they are ready to stop hiding and holding themselves back from their truth


Those who are just looking for some career guidance and support to find a new career avenue

Those who are not ready or willing to face their shadows, they are just wanting to find more purpose in their career without doing any healing work

I'm looking for a quick fix or a shortcut, something that doesn't take much effort.

Those who haven’t done any form of personal development work yet (I would recommend my other services first before doing this program)

Those suffering from diagnosed /serious anxiety, depression or addictions (I would recommend my other services first before doing this program)

Kinda N

"Before I worked with Victoria I was stuck, and had been for quite some time, in a place where I couldn't imagine myself having the confidence or self worth to change career path and lead a meaningful and productive life for myself.
Victoria and her rapid transformational therapy made me delve deeper into my myself and gain understanding of why I was feeling stuck and where my limiting beliefs had stemmed from. It was like she had flicked a switch, I felt light and at peace with the things that were holding me back.
Since then I have challenged any limiting beliefs creeping in, I got a new job and have continued to make that meaningful change which will allow me to live life on my terms. I will forever be thankful."

Kristen B

"Before working with Victoria, I felt myself holding back and even hiding from completely coming out of my spiritual closet and my new career direction. I was in a state of confusion, unsure of my direction with my career and simply stuck.
I was holding high expectations on myself and feeling bouts of sadness, despair and in a complete slump. Working with Victoria, I was able to recall poignant moments and lifetimes where I was able to witness the cause of where some of the pain, shame and apprehension was coming from and was holding me back. I was able to face these experiences, acknowledge the emotions and the cause and in a sense clear it there and then.
After working together, I felt instantly lighter with a feeling of clearness. A month after committing to daily meditation and listening to the recording, my life has jumped forward progressively. I don’t have anything holding me back."

Anisa P

"So I've just completed the Path to Purpose programme. And I can say probably one of the most thought shifting things that I've done on my path to awakening to my true self. And I'm someone who's tried a lot of modalities.

Through some very thorough coaching with Victoria, combined with RTT sessions she gave me which dug very deeply into my core belief, I was able to pinpoint some really big, unconscious limiting beliefs that I had, which were able to be worked through and released.

I won't say it's easy, some painful stuff can come to the surface to be released. But with no conscious awareness of those limiting beliefs, I've been able to create a deeper connection to myself, which has felt really, really fulfilling and which have even actually led me to a breakthrough in my last session with Victoria, about where my purpose live. So I'm really really excited to see how this path unfolds."


Meet your Facilitator 

Hi I'm Victoria, I’m a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT®), Coach and Energy Healing Practitioner. 

I am a firm believer that we all have a unique purpose encoded within us. Through our experiences, our trials and tribulations we begin to evolve and start asking ourselves who we truly are and what we are here for. 

It is my mission to be able to unite and align as many people as possible with their true purpose. This is the expression that brings someone the most joy, fulfilment and freedom. It is your unique experience and mission here.  

Path to Purpose is a culmination of my own journey to finding my purpose, combined with the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy, Neuro linguistic programing (NLP), Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural techniques, action based coaching, breathwork and energetic/somatic healing. 

If you have read this far then I trust that this is the beginning of us getting to know one another, and I truly look forward to supporting you on this Path to Purpose. 

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